City Lights Music Together

Welcome to City Lights Music Together. 

With locations in Summerlin, Henderson, the Northwest, Southwest and off the Strip City Lights Music Together, a licensed Music Together® center, is as filled with just as much excitement as this city. Founded in 2005,  City Lights Music Together has committed to helping families, caregivers, and early childhood professionals rediscover the pleasure and educational value of informal music experiences. Rather than emphasizing traditional music performances, the Music Together program encourages family participation in spontaneous musical activity occurring within the context of daily life. Our center recognizes that all children are musical and that every child needs a stimulating, supportive music environment to achieve basic competence in the wonderful human capacity for music-making.


Seventeen years ago center director, Melanie Ron, took her daughter to a Music Together class in New York.  After falling in love with the research, philosophy and weekly Music Together classes, Melanie trained to teach this brilliant program with Dr. Lili Levinowitz.   Four years later her entire family packed up and moved West to Vegas.  City Lights Music Together opened its doors in September 2005.  So here we are in 2011 celebrating our 13th Anniversary with 5 locations, a passionate staff and the most wonderful families sharing The Joy of Family Music®.